Dann Thombs' List Page

  Communication Media and Interactive Technology
CMT200 Information Display and the Internet
Fall 2000

My Work - In Progress

Week #1

October 22-28
  1. A Text Link - Example
  2. An Image Link - Example
  3. A Background Color - Example
  4. A Background Color Pattern - Example
  5. My 20 Favorite Pipe Cutter Links - Home Work 10/23/00
  6. Finished web page - Home Work 10/23/00

Week #2

October 29 - November 4

  • Images as a Gif format
  • Images as a Jpeg format
  • Borders, Colors, and Tables

  • An object used to map information.
  • Describing a tool.

    Week #3

    November 6-10

    1. The Link "Look", your options for color and borders
    2. The Alternative for a problem with an image. A backup plan if your images do not load.
    3. The Size of an image may be changed.
    4. The Image Map: A way to create clickable icons with only one file!
    5. The Tile: One way to give texture to a page in the background with a graphic.
    6. The Seamless Tile: An attempt to make a continuous texture with a photograph
    7. Make an Anti-Aliased selection in PhotoShop
    8. Make a Aliased selection in PhotoShop
    9. Make Lines Rules and Bars
    10. Make Lists

    Week #4

    November 20-25

    1. The Image Swapper Sample
    2. The Image Swapper for Pipe Cutter

    Week #5

    Thanksgiving Break

    Week #6

    1. The Flash Animation for Tool

    Week #7

    1. The FTP and Links in Dreamweaver

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